A drum roll please for my first blog……

EARCOS 2019. Getting Ready to ‘Play the Dance and Move the Rhythm’ with Kofi Gbolonyo.

Blogging is an idea I’ve toyed with on and off for a long while. In fact, my husband reminded me that in those pre-Facebook and pre Twitter days he set up a blog during our first overseas posting to Mozambique. My contribution to the  blog was to share the text from my email diary, the fortnightly messages in which I’d regale family and friends with the trials and tribulations of a 20 something Brit adapting to life in sub saharan Africa, trying to master Portuguese whilst building a secondary school music department from scratch in a country where supplies were very limited and power cuts part and parcel of everyday life. My husband would then add photos and write sensible dialogue about big important issues. Alas, that blog ended as we left Maputo and is now deeply buried in the websphere never to be found again.

Fast forward 4 house moves, 3 countries, 2 kids and 2 more languages and here I am in 2019 trying to get to grips with WordPress so I can share some thoughts about my 17 years of teaching and learning in the world of music education and most importantly, learn from others as passionate as me about making music accessible for everyone. I was launched into the world of classroom music teaching by the legendary John Finney at Cambridge University and still draw plenty of inspiration from his wise and thought provoking blog posts. I’ve taken a Musical Futures approach to teaching and learning from before I even realised it had a name and that others were on this path too (the going was tough in my first London Secondary School and I needed to think outside the box if I was going to survive). #MFLearn19? Let’s do this!

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